LOLA - Extraction and Pairwise Comparison of DNA Sequence Segments

LOLA (LOla Likes Alignments) is a bioinformatic tool with GUI written in Java for the extraction and pairwise comparison of DNA sequence segments. You might want to use it to analyse the sequence regions around specific genome sites, for example all sequences around the 'A' of 'ATG' start codons or the 'C' of C-to-U RNA editing sites.

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Tillich M, Lehwark P, Morton BR and Maier UG (2006) The evolution of chloroplast RNA editing. Molecular Biology and Evolution 23: 1912-1921


  • Fully configurable sequence segment extractor (position, off-sets, reverse complement)

  • Two distance-methods (Elementwise & Edit-Distance)

  • Instant manual comparison of two or more sequence segments

  • Pairwise comparison of all sequence segments within one or between two sets

  • Fully configurable sliding Window-Scanning

  • Clustering and visualization with the indij DotEngine