Step 1

First you have to upload the genetic information in the GenBank format. If you wish to have special features to be drawn, you can upload a custom configuration file. See Download or FAQ section for help.


Step 2

After uploading your GenBank file, the program will offer a selection of drawing options allowing you to customize your output file. By default, all gene classes will be included in the map. Please deselect the classes you do not want to be drawn. Prior to drawing, the given sequence can be scanned for long or unusal labels. These are tidied up to shorter names, e.g. 16 ribosomal RNA is converted to rrn16. Last but not least, you can choose between several output formats. Here you can choose from the vectorized graphics format PostScript, different rasterized formats and an adequate resolution. Please consider that file size increases with resolution - download and calculation times will increase accordingly.


Step 3

Download your map. If you are not happy with the output, please check the FAQ section. Did you check "tidy- up" sequence?